movehalfaninch (movehalfaninch) wrote in danexcook,

My Best Friends' Girl Soundtrack featuring Malbec

Incase anyone was wondering what songs were in the movie My Bestfriend’s Girl:

Jean Knight – Do Me
Linda Ronstadt – You’re No Good
Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen
Nena – 99 Luftballoons
Tommy ames – Crimson and Clover
Etta James – At Last
John Hiatt – Have a Little Faith in Me
Glacier Hiking – Save Some
Malbec – Blue
The Kooks – Always Where I need to Be
2 Live Crew – Pop That P __y
Teddy Thompson – Separate Ways
John Debney – Best Friends Again / I Love You

My favorite new song of the bunch, "Blue" by Malbec, was used in the scene where Dustin decides he will fight for Alexis. He then drives to Alexis apartment…
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